HONEYLOVE........The Best Shapewear EVER!!

Let talk SHAPEWEAR!!!!!!

Shapewear comes in different styles that allow you to choose the option of what body part you would like to support. With shapewear, you will have no problem putting on your favorite pair of pants or being uncomfortable in a dress. For me, I love wearing shapewear for my tummy, it helps to smooth my tummy and offers great tummy control. For years I’ve worn shapewears from different companies which were good in the beginning the support was just not enough. I was buying different styles, different sizes I even bought different colors thinking maybe that was the problem but then I notice was getting the same results; loss of shape, no support and easy to rip. I started getting frustrated until I came across Honeylove. Honeylove is “The next generation of shapewear”. Honeylove have three amazing shapewear styles SuperPower Short, SuperPower Brief and my favorite Queen Brief. This shapewear brand delivers superior shaping, posture support, all-day comfort without ever rolling down and the fabrics stretches to fit your body perfectly. This shapewear will change everything about the way you feel and look in clothing.

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In the photo below I am wearing the Queen Brief.

IMG_5523 (1).jpg