Dressing Confidently with Avenue

Pure Body Love is a hashtag I created to motivate, inspire and encourage self-love, self-acceptance and self-appreciation for women around the world. We live in a world where people rather tell others how to look and how to live instead of encouraging and motivating more self-love, more self-appreciation and more self-acceptance. Confidence to me is not caring what others think about you, not following any ones beauty rules, not caring to fit in, but rather live and enjoy life as you please. I’m always promoting self-love whether is through a quote, my life experience or through fashion,  I want to always create a place for people can turn to when they want to get and/or feel motivation and encouragement, and Avenue did that for me with their Confidence Series campaign for spring. This campaign celebrates  3 beautiful confident plus size women like myself. It features three exciting, everyday women who have truly made an impact in their communities. Yasmine Arrington who is the Founder of ScholarCHIPS, Runner and Author Jill Angie and Editor-in-Chief of Plus Model Magazine, Madeline Jones. #YourConfidenceIsShowing.

Below are my Dressing Confidently picks from Avenue.  

All items are from Avenue New Arrivals sections.  

Button Front Stripe A-Line Dress paired with Strap Belt Bag

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