Catherines goes to GA!!

Savannah Savannah Savannah !!!! What a beautiful place.

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to meet up with Catherine’s in Savannah, Georgia!!! And I must say I had an amazing time. I got the chance to enjoy some days of fun in the sun with, Catherine’s, Jessica Torres and Jennifer Buckingham. It was my first time in Savannah and I couldn't wait to see what Savannah had to offer. As soon as we got to the house we got ready and went out for lunch. I wore this beautiful black sequins dress along with a pair of comfortable black sandals which i also from Catherine's.


My entire stay in Savannah, GA was amazing everyday we did something exciting. Our first night we learned how to cook a delicious southern full course meal plus dessert. It was such a treat!! My favorite part of the whole experience was learning the southern style way of frying chicken and making cold slaw without mayonnaise.

The ladies and I worked so hard to make sure our dinner came out tasty and delicious the way Chef Darin from Chef Darin's Kitchen Table taught us. When it was time to eat we all were happy at a job well done!!  Special thanks to Chef Darin for being an amazing teacher.   

The next day we headed out bright and early for our Savannah Tours Bus. The tour bus was amazing from start to finish, not only was it very informative the site of Savannah is just so beautiful.   

This tree is 300 YEARS OLD!!!

This tree is 300 YEARS OLD!!!

My outfit choice was great for the adventure and for the weather. I wore comfortable jeans, a tank top and a suede light material blazer. Comfortable jeans are always a must when walking around and these Catherine's jeans were defiantly comfortable. 

When our tour ended the ladies and I decided to stop in this nice tourist attraction area, to continued our site seeing. We stopped at this cute street market place to snap a picture. 

Last but not least we boarded this astonishingly giant boat named Georgia Queen, she was sure a queen. This day was just right for this boat ride up the river.


How cute is this tie dye dress from Catherine's ? When i saw this dress on the Catherine's website I knew I had to get it. I decided to wear it on our boat adventure, not only was it cute and comfortable it complimented my curves exactly how I like it.

The next morning as we sat in the den we laughed, drank coffee and reminisce about our amazing trip in Savannah in our cute PJ's.


Want to shop my amazing looks, you can find all of them HERE!  Thank you again to Catherine’s and to Kellie Brown for this amazing opportunity that I will never forget.

All Photos by Lydia Hudgens