Simply Be Collaboration -Workout edition

Fitness Newbie is a name I gave myself because I’m still a newbie to the whole fitness world. However, I’m super pump, ready and willing to learn all the ends and outs of being healthy, gaining energy and strength. One of the main concerns other than eating right and exercising for me is finding the appropriate clothes to workout in. Being comfortable in your work out gear while workingout is a major deal for me so I was excited when I got the chance to collaborate with Simply Be. While my body is running and walking on the treadmill or on the track I want to feel comfortable and not have to focus or worry about adjusting my clothes. The track suit I got from Simply Be was super soft on the skin and every comfortable, it fit me just the way I like it which is defiantly a plus. The tracksuit felt so comfortable on me that I extended my time on the track for a few hours and didn't feel the need to run and take the suite off like I have had to do many times with other workout clothes. I love the CHILL top its super cute and also comfortable. All workout clothes doesn't have to be black you can always work out in any color. Love their sneakers selection, they offer different types of sneakers with very cute colors to choose from. Its very important to wear comfortable sneakers when working out so I was super to try their sneakers out. Below are few of the looks I received from Simply Be

My looks can be found HERE