My Fall shoot with Bustle and Coveteur

This Plus Size Fashion Shoot Will Make You Forget All Those Times Shopping Brought You To Tears

By  Amanda Richards

Thank you Amanda and to everyone who made this shoot possible, the story behind the shoot is just amazing as was defiantly needed. Thank you again.

Styling: Amanda Richards, Gabrielle Prescod

Hair: Adam Maclay using Oribe

Makeup: Markphong using Inglot Cosmetics

Nails: Elizabeth Garcia using Dior Vernis

Set Designer: Pakayla Biehn

Bustle Team: Deputy Editor, Fashion & Beauty: Kara McGrath;  Senior Fashion Market Editor: Gabrielle Prescod; Fashion & Beauty Editor: Amanda Richards; Photographer: Ashley Batz; Photo Editor: Sepp Dasbach; Booking/Production Manager: Guillermo Perez; Art Director: Bry Crasch; Junior Art Director: Brit Phillips

Below are my photos from the Bustle and Coveteur Fall editorial shoot. You can also read the article HERE