Maison The Faux's

Please read and enjoy my interviews with @galore  @bustle  and the article on @aboutthecurvylife.  We talked about everything from my experience modeling in NYFW to how I started  modeling to body positivity to blogger and to where I see myself in a few years.  

All outfits and styles in the articles are made by @maisonthefaux. All photos in this article was taken by @teampeterstigter Peter Stigter.

I was contacted by Maison the Faux and maters minds are Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer. I was so excited to be their “Chubby Chaser” queen. I was a bit confused at first. But, I actually love it, the title represents unlimited rules to fashion. Fashion that's drives us wanting and seeking more, we are hungry for that unique with no boundaries, no limitations and no right and wrong fashion. "CHUBBY CHASER” is a never ending desire for more, more, more".