Torrid Swimsuit Alert!!


So on my day off yesterday I decided to pamper for myself at Spa Castle in Queens, New York which was so needed. I really enjoyed my day yesterday, from the massage, to the different type of pools to the food. Even the NUDE pool was great and yes I took it all OFF!!  Note to self always give and be kind to your body because you ONLY HAVE ONE.

With so many brands out now making beautiful swimsuits for us plus size women it was hard to choose a swimsuit. I finally made a choice and picked this beautiful blue and white 2 piece swimsuit from Torrid. I'm always spectacle when it comes to wearing swimsuit because I have a large chest and I need the right amount of support for (my girls). I always choose swimsuit that fit me appropriately and I got just that with this torrid swimsuit. The support was great and it complimented my body just the way I liked it. Thank you torrid for making swimsuits for my size! 

untitled 1.png