Dressing Confidently with Avenue

Pure Body Love is a hashtag I created to motivate, inspire and encourage self-love, self-acceptance and self-appreciation for women around the world. We live in a world where people rather tell others how to look and how to live instead of encouraging and motivating more self-love, more self-appreciation and more self-acceptance. Confidence to me is not caring what others think about you, not following any ones beauty rules, not caring to fit in, but rather live and enjoy life as you please. I’m always promoting self-love whether is through a quote, my life experience or through fashion,  I want to always create a place for people can turn to when they want to get and/or feel motivation and encouragement, and Avenue did that for me with their Confidence Series campaign for spring. This campaign celebrates  3 beautiful confident plus size women like myself. It features three exciting, everyday women who have truly made an impact in their communities. Yasmine Arrington who is the Founder of ScholarCHIPS, Runner and Author Jill Angie and Editor-in-Chief of Plus Model Magazine, Madeline Jones. #YourConfidenceIsShowing.

Below are my Dressing Confidently picks from Avenue.  

All items are from Avenue New Arrivals sections.  

Button Front Stripe A-Line Dress paired with Strap Belt Bag

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Confidence Series Campaign with Avenue

Putting on clothes and dressing up in the mirror was always my thing as a little girl, I would go in my mother’s closet pick out items that I thought was cute and style them to my own liking. Dressing up and taking photos was all good until it was time for me to actually out to a party, church or school. Back then there weren’t many stores selling nice plus size clothes everything was either too big, too dull or just plain old fashion and in my closet I didn’t really have any nice clothes I actually liked. Shopping at that time was very depressing, while for my sister who is smaller than me it was much easier. She could pick, choose and refuse items but for me I usually had to settle for the non-cute, non-popular and non-chic clothing. All that stopped when I learned about the brand Avenue.

                                                                   Confidence Series Campaign with Avenue

                                                                   Confidence Series Campaign with Avenue

 Avenue is a clothing brand created for women like myself, women who are confident, women who are bold, women who are full of life and women who love their bodies unapologetically. I fell in love with Avenue for number of reasons, their employee’s warm welcome, their chic collection, never running out of items and my favorite, stocking that actually fit. Avenue became my go to place for everything a young girl would need such as jeans, shorts, button down shirts, church dress you name it they had it. Walking into Avenue made me feel comfortable and very confidence. Not only did they have clothes to fit me, they always had good representation with their models. Everything I wanted and need was right there under one roof, which made me even happier.

 I am still a very proud customer of Avenue so when I saw the Confidence Series campaign. I was very excited to see how the campaign celebrates confident plus size women like myself. It features three exciting, everyday women who have truly made an impact in their communities. Yasmine Arrington is the Founder of ScholarCHIPS, a scholarship fun for teenagers with incarcerated parents. Runner Jill Angie became and Author and Life Coach inspiring women to take up running at any size, shape, age, pace or distance. And finally, Confidence Alumni and Editor-in-Chief of Plus Model Magazine, Madeline Jones returns to round out this powerful collaboration. 

Check it out!.

Collaboration with SHEIN

SHEIN is a brand I've seen around for while now, so when I received an email to collaborate I was very excited.  Thank you again for this invitation @sheinofficial. Summer weather is around the corner here in New York so for me that means, nice weather, out door events and ofcourse looking cute. 

SHEIN is a great place to shop for affordable cute clothes. Their site have lot of chic every day looks to choose from and its very customer service friendly. 

Below you will see my looks . You can also download #SHEIN app on your phone for app special and offers .Make sure to use the CODE and Shop HERE: CODE: jezram20 http://bit.ly/2Du74wG for special discount.

It is 20% off based on original price and ONLY valid for the order over $59 of plus-size items.

Click the links BELOW for all items:


SHEIN -Your Online Fashion Outwear

My Fall shoot with Bustle and Coveteur

This Plus Size Fashion Shoot Will Make You Forget All Those Times Shopping Brought You To Tears

By  Amanda Richards

Thank you Amanda and to everyone who made this shoot possible, the story behind the shoot is just amazing as was defiantly needed. Thank you again.

Styling: Amanda Richards, Gabrielle Prescod

Hair: Adam Maclay using Oribe

Makeup: Markphong using Inglot Cosmetics

Nails: Elizabeth Garcia using Dior Vernis

Set Designer: Pakayla Biehn

Bustle Team: Deputy Editor, Fashion & Beauty: Kara McGrath;  Senior Fashion Market Editor: Gabrielle Prescod; Fashion & Beauty Editor: Amanda Richards; Photographer: Ashley Batz; Photo Editor: Sepp Dasbach; Booking/Production Manager: Guillermo Perez; Art Director: Bry Crasch; Junior Art Director: Brit Phillips

Below are my photos from the Bustle and Coveteur Fall editorial shoot. You can also read the article HERE