HONEYLOVE........The Best Shapewear EVER!!

Let talk SHAPEWEAR!!!!!!

Shapewear comes in different styles that allow you to choose the option of what body part you would like to support. With shapewear, you will have no problem putting on your favorite pair of pants or being uncomfortable in a dress. For me, I love wearing shapewear for my tummy, it helps to smooth my tummy and offers great tummy control. For years I’ve worn shapewears from different companies which were good in the beginning the support was just not enough. I was buying different styles, different sizes I even bought different colors thinking maybe that was the problem but then I notice was getting the same results; loss of shape, no support and easy to rip. I started getting frustrated until I came across Honeylove. Honeylove is “The next generation of shapewear”. Honeylove have three amazing shapewear styles SuperPower Short, SuperPower Brief and my favorite Queen Brief. This shapewear brand delivers superior shaping, posture support, all-day comfort without ever rolling down and the fabrics stretches to fit your body perfectly. This shapewear will change everything about the way you feel and look in clothing.

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In the photo below I am wearing the Queen Brief.

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Imprezz Accessories

I am happy to introduce to you a new brand called Imprezz Accessories.


Imprezz Accessories is an online boutique specialize in accessories. Christine Friday is the owner of this brand, she created Imprezz Accessories to ensure that all women have access to quality and affordable accessory items. Imprezz Accessories’ aim is to ensure each and every customers feel like and look great fashionable. Their services doesn’t end there they also provide tips on holistic health, wellness, and styling tips through their social media pages and website.

Motto: Don’t just dress... IMPREZZ!!

Instagram: @imprezz_accessories Facebook: Imprezz Accessories Snapchat: @team_imprezz 


Dress with CONFIDENCE.

After a long winter bundled up I’m happy spring is here, so I can finally show off my arms, legs and toes. Spring styles always make me happy from cute sandals to beautiful floral dresses and not to mention the beautiful flowers all around.

In collaboration with Avenue I’m happy to bring to you four of my favorite dresses for spring.  All four dresses below were handpicked by me, I selected the colors green and white because 1. they are my colors for this spring season and 2. each color signifies something to me. The color green for growth, confidence and nature the color white for goodness, purity and perfection. This spring Avenue brought us fashion, style and confidence.

Mother’s day is coming up and if any of you are still undecided on what to wear I’m sure by the end of this blog you will want to purchase 1 or all of these amazing dresses, Nevertheless if you already have your Mother’s day outfit picked out these dress are a great look for church, graduation ceremonies or even a brunch date with the ladies.

If you look below you will see I selected two dresses with floral prints for women who like the bold and sexy look then I selected two solid plain dresses for women who like the calm and classy look, each dress signifies confidence and beauty. Please look below for outfit details:

 #dresswithconfidence, #yourconfidenceisshowing, #avenueplus

Please look below for outfit details:


LOOK 1: Crochet Lace Lined Dress

Jezra22019 (1).jpg
Jezra(Brooklyn College)2019-3.jpg

Dressing Confidently with Avenue

Pure Body Love is a hashtag I created to motivate, inspire and encourage self-love, self-acceptance and self-appreciation for women around the world. We live in a world where people rather tell others how to look and how to live instead of encouraging and motivating more self-love, more self-appreciation and more self-acceptance. Confidence to me is not caring what others think about you, not following any ones beauty rules, not caring to fit in, but rather live and enjoy life as you please. I’m always promoting self-love whether is through a quote, my life experience or through fashion,  I want to always create a place for people can turn to when they want to get and/or feel motivation and encouragement, and Avenue did that for me with their Confidence Series campaign for spring. This campaign celebrates  3 beautiful confident plus size women like myself. It features three exciting, everyday women who have truly made an impact in their communities. Yasmine Arrington who is the Founder of ScholarCHIPS, Runner and Author Jill Angie and Editor-in-Chief of Plus Model Magazine, Madeline Jones. #YourConfidenceIsShowing.

Below are my Dressing Confidently picks from Avenue.  

All items are from Avenue New Arrivals sections.  

Button Front Stripe A-Line Dress paired with Strap Belt Bag

Avenue Blog.docx 2.jpg

Confidence Series Campaign with Avenue

Putting on clothes and dressing up in the mirror was always my thing as a little girl, I would go in my mother’s closet pick out items that I thought was cute and style them to my own liking. Dressing up and taking photos was all good until it was time for me to actually out to a party, church or school. Back then there weren’t many stores selling nice plus size clothes everything was either too big, too dull or just plain old fashion and in my closet I didn’t really have any nice clothes I actually liked. Shopping at that time was very depressing, while for my sister who is smaller than me it was much easier. She could pick, choose and refuse items but for me I usually had to settle for the non-cute, non-popular and non-chic clothing. All that stopped when I learned about the brand Avenue.

                                                                   Confidence Series Campaign with Avenue

                                                                   Confidence Series Campaign with Avenue

 Avenue is a clothing brand created for women like myself, women who are confident, women who are bold, women who are full of life and women who love their bodies unapologetically. I fell in love with Avenue for number of reasons, their employee’s warm welcome, their chic collection, never running out of items and my favorite, stocking that actually fit. Avenue became my go to place for everything a young girl would need such as jeans, shorts, button down shirts, church dress you name it they had it. Walking into Avenue made me feel comfortable and very confidence. Not only did they have clothes to fit me, they always had good representation with their models. Everything I wanted and need was right there under one roof, which made me even happier.

 I am still a very proud customer of Avenue so when I saw the Confidence Series campaign. I was very excited to see how the campaign celebrates confident plus size women like myself. It features three exciting, everyday women who have truly made an impact in their communities. Yasmine Arrington is the Founder of ScholarCHIPS, a scholarship fun for teenagers with incarcerated parents. Runner Jill Angie became and Author and Life Coach inspiring women to take up running at any size, shape, age, pace or distance. And finally, Confidence Alumni and Editor-in-Chief of Plus Model Magazine, Madeline Jones returns to round out this powerful collaboration. 

Check it out!.